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Genuine Lexus ES 300 Parts Online

Since 1991, the ES 300 has been one of the most popular Lexus sedans in existence. The latest ES 300h includes the same creature comforts as past models and ups the ante with a 200 hp I4 and a slick new CVT. Using OEM Lexus parts for repairs will ensure an amazing ES 300 driving experience.

Common Issues with the Lexus ES 300

For decades, Lexus has been one of the most reliable makes on the road. Unsurprisingly, the ES 300 is pretty bulletproof in the build quality department. Regardless, there are a few issues to look for like:

1. Rough idling due to clogged IAC valves.

2. Check engine lights due to O2 sensors.

3. Premature ignition coil failure resulting in misfires.

Why Buy Genuine Lexus ES 300 Parts?

When you see a warning light appear or your ES 300 isn't handling as well as you'd like, using genuine Lexus parts is a smart move. Real OEM Lexus parts are preferable since they:

-Fit your ES 300 perfectly.

-Last longer than generic alternatives.

-Offer peace of mind via long-term warranties.

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